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Chapter 6. The Boost SIMD Library

Table of Contents

What's a Multimedia Extension ?
Challenges and Difficulties
SIMD "Hello World"
Operations on SIMD Registers
Working with standard containers
SIMD Algorithms
Dependency on Boost.Dispatch
Wrapping native SIMD register type
Integration with the Standard Library
Expression Templates for Micro-Optimizations
Speed vs Precision Trade-off

Single instruction, multiple data (SIMD) extensions have been a feature of choice for processor manufacturers for a couple of decades. Designed to provide significant accellerations, they require expertise, the use of potentially fragile compiler support, or vendor-specific libraries to be correctly and succesfully exploited. Boost.SIMD is a C++ template library that aims to give a simple and powerful way to access the benefits of SIMD extensions without suffering from these problems by providing standard compliant abstractions.

[Warning] Warning

Boost.SIMD is a library in development and is not part of Boost.


Boost.SIMD depends on the following header-only Boost libraries:

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